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There are numerous opportunities to include local talent in the entertainment lineup. Our initial plans call for an acoustic band to play at each event from 11 am to 1 pm. We will consider other forms of entertainment, as well, such as historic reenactments, readings, etc.

We believe this will be an attraction for local consumers and those passing through and seeing the activity to patronize the event. Each market will provide an opportunity for a different group or act to perform providing exposure and variety.

If you are interested in performing at one of our events please send us an email with details of your performance and indicate the date you would be available to

Tappahannock Farmers' Market Performance Guidelines


August 17:
"Ken Bowie"

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Ken Bowie has written a number of songs over the years developing a style of music he calls Rhythm-Folk. With origins that include Rock and Blues, the music has been called organic, and the songs are from his own experiences, feelings, and heart. Ken performs as a solo artist and also with a trio known as the Bowie threeoh which includes acoustic guitar, vocals, electric bass, and congas/hand percussion. He released the album Veracity in 2009, available online at CD Baby -

July 20:
"Tina Marie"

Tina Marie grew up in North Carolina and has been around music her entire life. Her first instrument was piano, but now she is a vocalist and guitarist. She also plays a little harmonica, mandolin, accordion and percussion. “I always loved to sing, and loved picking out harmonies. All through school I was always in any and every choir, chorus or vocal ensemble I could get into“, says Tina. She played with various bands in Richmond all through the 90’s; The Attics, Bart Chucker Band, Mad Marjorie and Whistler’s Mother. After a stint in NYC, Tina moved back to Richmond in 2005, and formed a band, which ultimately became Vinyl Tease. Her vocal style has great range and emotion, with a bluesy undertone.

June 15:
No Market - RivahFest instead.

May 18:
"Ben Eberline"

Bluesy acoustic roots music good enough to make your hound howl. Ben Eberline is a Tappahannock-raised singer and songwriter.

April 20:
"Kicking Thomas"

Kicking Thomas band members, Peter Gattuso and Andrew Barclay will perform at the Tappahannock Farmer's market April 20th, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. With influences of Dada, The Who and The Beatles they blended their own style of rock. This local band received National radio play with their song, "It's Alright." Not only will they play their own music, they will perform some of your favorites. Peter is a resident of West Point and Andrew is a local resident of Tappahannock. Find more Kicking Thomas information, visit or



April 21: "Ben Eberline"
Bluesy acoustic roots music good enough to make your hound howl. Ben Eberline is a Tappahannock-raised singer and songwriter.

Video - Duo Ben Eberline and Jess Crabill at the Market....

May 19: "Jenny & Jeff Armor"



July 17: "Jimmy Gin"

August 20: "High Street Low Life"

September 17: "Jimmy Gin"

October 15: "Snake Head Run"



July 17: "High Street Low Life"

August 21: David Moran - Urbanna
David Moran lives in Deltaville with his wife, Joy. Originally from California, he has lived in Virginia for most of his life. He has been playing guitar for 30 years, has performed with string bands, solo and at open mics, and recently has been playing at Farmer’s Market venues on the Middle

September 18: "High Street Low Life"            

October 16: Snakehead Run

Adding to the atmosphere of the October market, music will be provided by Snakehead Run, a trio from the DC area playing infectious, hard driving old-time acoustic blues. Instruments include mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, resonator guitar, washtub bass, jug and various rude noises – it should make for a lively show in the market.

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